Cikkünk frissítése óta eltelt 2 hónap, a szövegben szereplő információk a megjelenéskor pontosak voltak, de mára elavulhattak.

With the arrival of autumn, we must plan trips in Pécs to help us get away from the grey weekdays. Our city is full of amazing places to visit that will give us a cultural, mental and physical boost.

Babás-rocks on Jakab-mountain

Jakab-mount is an excellent hiking trail. A natural beauty with a rich history. Here you will find the characteristic rock formations of the Landscape Protection Area, the Babás-rocks, shaped by wind, water and frost.

Address: Kővágószőlős, 7673

Fotó: Györkő Zsombor

Zsongorkő viewpoint

The Zsongorkő viewpoint is also located in the Mecsek and is one of the most breathtaking spots from where you can enjoy a beautiful panorama.

Kővágószőlős, 7673


At the foot of Jakab – mountain is a stunning hiking spot named after the alder trees in the area. The park forest’s combination of rivers, trees and bridges creates an idyllic scene in the autumn months. There are also fire pits, a rain shelter, tables and benches on the lake shore.

Address: Pécs, 7622

LittleTubes lookout

Little-Tubes lookout is an excellent hiking opportunity. From the Mecsek side you have a beautiful view of Pécs. You can visit it with your family, friends or date.

Address: Pécs, 7600

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197 metres high TVtower

For exactly 50 years, it has been the tallest building in Hungary, offering a beautiful panoramic view of the city of Pécs. You can climb the tower via its 459 steps or take the elevator. If you need to rest in the middle of the hike, the restaurant of the TV Tower is at your service.

Adress: 7635 Pécs, Misina roof

Malomvölgyi-park forest and its viewpoints


Within the Malomvölgyi park forest, the Bagolyvár-lookout is open all year round. The lower part is protected from rain, while the upper levels offer panoramic views of the forest, lakes and the Mecsek.

Zsíros-domb lookout

A lookout with a wooden structure financed by the forestry, offering a beautiful view of the lake area.


The lookout tower, also made of wood, and was built between the lakes of the valley. Climbing it, you have a great view of the valley.

Adress: Kökény, Mosztár dűlő, 7639 Hungary