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Cikkünk frissítése óta eltelt 9 hónap, a szövegben szereplő információk a megjelenéskor pontosak voltak, de mára elavulhattak.

It’s almost an escapist festive moment in Pécs, when a family sees their child’s drawing projected onto the city’s emblematic building on Széchenyi Square during the Advent season. In order to make this miracle a reality for as many people as possible, the ZSÖK is launching the Advent Children’s Drawing Contest for Children. Registration opens on 16 October.

For the seventh time, the organisers are inviting children’s drawings, which will be projected onto the Jami digitally light-painted works of art to fill the Advent season with beauty and joy.

There are three age categories:

  • preschool (4-6 years old),
  • primary (7-10 years) and
  • (11-14 years old).

The competition runs from 16 October to 19 November. Children can use the template of the southern facade of the Jami, which can be downloaded HERE.

The judges will give priority to images that follow the form of the building as closely as possible, and will also look for detail, colour and the ability to capture the festive Christmas atmosphere.

The winning works (40-40-40 pieces per age group) will be on display on the first, second and third weekends of Advent at the Jam between 16.30 and 19.00. However, to make sure that no one is disappointed, the organisers will screen all the works that meet the competition requirements on 22 December from 16.30-19.00.

The public vote will take place on THIS PAGE between 8-18 December. 3 professional and 1 audience prize will be awarded in each age category, with valuable prizes for the winners. The results will be announced online on 21 December at 17.00.

To submit your application:

  • scanned electronically to: [email protected]
  • in person: Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, Zsolnay Infopoint&Shop
  • by post, addressed to ZSÖK – Advent Children’s Drawing Competition, Pécs, 7603 Pf. 27.