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Cikkünk frissítése óta eltelt 8 hónap, a szövegben szereplő információk a megjelenéskor pontosak voltak, de mára elavulhattak.

The Erasmus for innovation programme, which aims to provide a learning and curriculum opportunity for medical universities across Europe, started in spring 2022.

The conference aims to bring together experts and interested citizens to discuss the impact of climate change on human health.

Currently there is no such course in European medical universities, but to make this happen, Medical Sciences Committee of Pécs Regional Center of the Hungarian Academy of Science and the CLIMATEMED project are organising a conference next week, on Wednesday 22 November.

Today, climate change is a pressing issue that requires urgent action at all levels – local, regional, and global. Its impact on health is particularly concerning as it affects individuals, communities, and societies. The Conference will also explore the broader aspects of climate change, including social science, architecture, urban planning, and economics.

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The conference will examine social sciences, architecture, urban planning and economics in this context.

We believe that our conference provides an ideal opportunity to reflect together on this critical issue. Every small step counts and we hope that this forum will contribute to finding better answers.

Date: 22 November, 9:30 am

Location: Pécs Regional Center of the Hungarian Academy of Science; Pécs, Jurisics M. street. 44.

The conference will be held in English.