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We have always paid great attention to donations in Pécs. Now that the holidays are coming, the need for help is even greater. Families in need, children who are sick or without a family, and animal shelters are also counting on the people of Pécs. There are many different donations to choose where, when and what you would like to donate. Let’s have a look at them:

Take part in the Shoebox promotion!

The Baptist Relief Service and Lilliput Toys for Tots want to make Christmas brighter for many children in need this year, and they need your help! Between 3 November and 18 December, you can be part of this miracle by buying a shoebox donation! With a little thoughtfulness, we can create a magical time for disadvantaged children who look forward to Christmas more than anything else. The gift boxes will be filled with new, quality toys, valued at 3000Ft each, depending on the age of the children.

How can we donate?

  • Choose the age of the boy and/or girl for whom you would like to send the package
  • Add the shoebox to the online shopping cart – click HERE to access the page
  • By entering your details and choosing the payment method, you can finalise your order
  • They will send you a confirmation e-mail to inform you that your order is complete
  • Our gift is already being packed!

Join the Baranya Help Program!

The shoebox action is also organized within the Baranya Help Program. This way, we can make the poor child happier from two places!

How to donate?

Between 5 and 15 December you can drop off small gifts, books and toys at the portal of the Castle House at Széchenyi tér 9-10. Please mark on the package that the gift is for a little boy or girl. For details click HERE.

Let’s make Angel Bags!

Find an empty box in good condition, then decide how old boy or girl ypu want to suprise and write it on the outside of the box. Fill it with toys that are sure to be enjoyed by children in need:

  • board games, playing cards
  • building blocks
  • dolls, stuffed animals
  • cars, balls
  • books, picture books, comics, colouring books
  • toiletries (deodorant, nail varnish, perfume)
  • school supplies (notebooks, pens, markers, crayons, watercolours, tempera
  • postcards

Avoid items that are perishable, breakable or liquid!

Packaging should be portable and openable, as packages will be screened for security and volunteers may add an extra gift. Collection points can be found HERE.

Let’s help animal shelters!

At any time of the year, animal shelters need of our help, and this Advent season is no different. Several shelters in Pécs are waiting for donations.

How can we help?

By donating items that can be dropped off at the location of the shelter of your choice:

  • blankets
  • pet food
  • toys

Material support

We can support the shelters in Pécs and its surroundings by bank transfer or cash.

With 1% of our tax

About half of the support for animal shelters comes from 1% of our personal income tax. Let’s keep up this good habit next year.

With adoption

Let’s do something nice for our four-legged furry friends and adopt one! It’s important that the pet is not just a Christmas present, but a new member of the family who needs special attention and care at all times of the year.