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Cikkünk frissítése óta eltelt 8 hónap, a szövegben szereplő információk a megjelenéskor pontosak voltak, de mára elavulhattak.

Last party in the Szenes Club this year: Grabovski//one5one//neon silence is the final event of the BTK HÖK’s semester to bid farewell to the semester.

So this is how we’re heading into the winter break. There’ll be industrial soul-searching, world-building and world-trashing, beer and unicum that won’t kill you, and 3 amazing bands: + believe it or not, neon silence will be here to present their new album.

they wrote.


  • 20:00 gate
  • 20:30 Grabovski
  • 21:50 a5one
  • 23:10 neon silence
  • 00:30 after (hemispheres)

Ticket info: (on site, cash payment possible)

before midnight:

  • BTK: 1200 HUF
  • PTE: 1500 HUF
  • Outside/UFO: 1800 HUF
  • After midnight:
  • BTK: 1500 HUF
  • PTE: 1800 HUF
  • Outside/UFO: 2000 HUF

Date: 2023. NOVEMBER 27., HÉTFŐ, 20:00

Location: Szenes Club; (7624, Pécs, Pacsirta u. 2.)

Tehy will continue in February.