Cikkünk frissítése óta eltelt 1 hónap, a szövegben szereplő információk a megjelenéskor pontosak voltak, de mára elavulhattak.

After being for several months in Budapest, the most iconic Csontváry paintings returned home to Pécs, such as the Roman Bridge at Mostar or the Storm on the Hortobágy.

Not only these paintings came back to the city, but some pieces which were never-seen-before in Pécs. In association with the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest and the Hungarian National Gallery, the Janus Pannonius Museum could keep the Csontváry 170 exhibition after the finissage in our capital city until November 5th as a temporary exhibition in the JPM.

The last time when the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest held an exhibition of Csontváry’s paintings was 60 years ago, in 1963. Moreover, it is going to be the first time when these pieces join at the Baranya County seat, with the other precious art at the Janus Pannonius Museum.

The two institutions put together their collections, which means you can see Csontváry’s famous Self-portrait, The Lonely Cedar next to the grandiouse Ruins of the Ancient Greek Theatre at Taormina under one roof. But the exhibition also consists of several iconic pieces, like the Valley of Great Tarpatak in the High-Tatras, the Pilgrimage to the Cedars in Lebanon or the Waterfall of Jajce.