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E-scooters have arrived in Pécs, we are showing you the rules!

Cikkünk frissítése óta eltelt 1 hónap, a szövegben szereplő információk a megjelenéskor pontosak voltak, de mára elavulhattak.

The rentable electric scooters have arrived in Pécs, and they are currently resting at the Verseny Street premises. Seventy parking spaces were painted across the city.

The parking spaces are green rectangles painted all over Pécs, seventy in total, of which locations you can already check out in the mobile app.

“There is a starting fleet consisting of 100 vehicles in the contract, and 400 more e-scooters could arrive additionally, which means there would be 500 electronic scooters in this summer” – said previously István Auth, municipal councillor, and also told that “ The riders could only put down the vehicles at the dedicated parking areas, in the pedestrian only zones there will be a 10 km/h speed limit, in the other areas the maximum speed will be restricted to 25 km/h.”

You can see the so-called slow areas in the yellow sections of the map below, where the speed limit is 10 km/h. But in the rest of the city, you can roam even with 25 km/h.

We checked out the settings and found one option of which function is not obvious for us yet: it is not clear if we could control the speed of the e-scooter, or the application will automatically limit our speed in the restricted areas.

They designated three parking spots in the most north places of the Mecsek: in the Angster József Street, at the Pálosok (Paulists) and on the Tettye. The most south parking opportunity is at the Fema, in the west the Újmecsekalja bus destination, and in the east the Puskin Square is going to be the furthest place to put down the scooter.

The general rules can be found within the mobile application, however, it does not mention any green rectangles which should be the designated parking spaces for the e-scooters.

You can unlock the vehicles for 230 Forints and continue to use it for a fee of 54 Forints per minute. This is going to require the mobile application and a balance added to your app.